CBD tinctures

With the different methods available of delivering cannabidiol or CBD to the system, one of the more difficult choices is picking which one is right for you. This is particularly true when it comes to CBD edibles versus the CBD tincture. While both methods are popular, they are substantially different when it comes to how they are delivered to the body.

CBD is currently found in edibles, tinctures, lotion, capsules, skin patches, and even hair care products. Given all the choices, its probably not all that unexpected that there is some confusion over which is the best method. But edibles and tinctures offer advantages over most other delivery systems because of how they are applied.

The similarities between CBD edibles and the CBD tincture are many. Both are discreet, have long-lasting effects, and present few, if any real side effects when consumed in their proper dosage. And while edibles have been around for a long time, so too has the tincture. In fact, before marijuana was banned in the US back in 1937, the tincture was the most common way for people to use the product.CBD edibles

Another similarity is that they are introduced through the mouth. This is a common way to deliver medications, treatments, and the like so there is a familiarity with both edibles and tinctures that is not present in some other delivery system.

It also avoids some of the noted side effects associated with other methods of CBD delivery, most notably vaporizers. With news reports that have highlighted cases of a few people experiencing severe side effects and traumatic medical conditions while inhaling CBD with vaporizers, tinctures and edibles are noted for their safety by comparison.

While similar in many ways, there are some substantial differences as well. The most notable difference is that edibles are absorbed through the digestive system while the tincture is absorbed through the semipermeable layer under the tongue.

A tincture is placed under the tongue where it is quickly absorbed. You can normally feel the effects of the CBD in just 15 minutes or even less depending on your sensitivity. Edibles take far longer because they must pass through the stomach and into the intestinal system. Much of the CBD is broken down and destroyed at this point, so the impact will be less.CBD edibles

However, edibles have the advantage of coming in tasty treats, such as CBD gummies, brownies, chocolate bars, and the like. Tinctures have a far more medicinal taste that might turn some away. Although to be fair the amount used in the tincture is relatively small. While the differences are seemingly small in some ways, the way both edibles and tinctures enter the blood stream are noticeably different.

If you are trying to decide between CBD edibles and the CBD tincture, then you should do your research first. This means trying both products to see which one works best for your needs. You may find that the tincture is quicker and more effective, but the edible is more enjoyable especially if you choose one that is a favorite treat.