CBD edibles

For those who are looking to consume cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, in the most efficient way possible, a tincture may be the answer. Today, the CBD tincture is one of the most popular methods for administering CBD into the bloodstream that is quick, painless, and quite effective. Plus, they carry advantages over consuming CBD edibles and the like.

But what is a tincture and how does it work?
For such a popular method, there are still many people who do not fully understand how it works.

What is a Tincture?
A tincture describes both the product and method of delivery. It is a unique combination of CBD and alcohol concentrate. Before marijuana was banned in the US in 1937, it was the most popular delivery system for cannabis.CBD edibles

When the 2018 Farm Bill allowed for the manufacture and sale of cannabidiol or CBD, the tincture was one of the methods used to deliver the cannabidiol. It consists of a bottle filled with CBD that is mixed with alcohol or ethanol. The mixture may range from 25% up to 60% alcohol concentrate or even higher depending on the manufacturer.

How It Is Applied:
You apply the tincture under the tongue. The membrane under the tongue is semipermeable which means that the CBD can be absorbed quickly with the assistance of the alcohol that is present. After a short time, the alcohol evaporates as the CBD is being pulled into the blood stream.

This means that a CBD tincture is not actually consuming the product through the digestive system, although some will undoubtedly be swallowed. Despite this, a tincture is not comparable to CBD edibles in how the effect is administered.

Benefits :
The most obvious benefit is the speed in which the CBD will take effect as compared to consuming edible products. Because it bypasses the digestive system, the CBD will enter the blood stream faster and at greater levels of concentration. Plus, due to the proximity of the brain, you will feel the effects even faster.

Another benefit is that tinctures are quite cost effective with a single bottle lasting for a long time when using standard doses. When compared to CBD edibles, it is quite cost effective. Add to this the alcohol which evaporates and does not enter the blood stream and you have a near-perfect combination that really works.

Side Effects:
There are arguably few, if any noticeable side effects from using the CBD tincture. Some people may experience dry mouth because of the use of alcohol, but that is a very minor symptom to say the least. Another possible side effect is the taste. Some people are not all that fond of how tinctures taste because of the use of alcohol. But again, this is quite minor as the amount used is quite small.CBD edibles

If you are used to consuming CBD edibles to get the effects of cannabidiol, then you may want to try a CBD tincture instead. It is safe, fast, and more effective in delivering CBD to the system compared to most other forms of CBD.