Novus CBD Health Plan
Novus CBD Health Plan

Patients around the world keep on searching for the best plans to get a discount on their medical bills. And Novus MedPlan offers the most reliable choice for buying hemp/CBD and medical marijuana products in the market. As per the recent updates from CEO and Chairman of Novus brand, Frank Labrozzi, it is observed that their health plan offers several benefits not just to patients; but to the cultivators and dispensaries as well.

This health plan is designed to provide a great reduction in the cost of neuropathic, diabetic, vision, and dental care treatments. At the same time, it can help patients to avail considerable discounts on imaging and prescriptions as well. The company website also reveals that Novus MedPlan also offers great benefits to medical cannabis products.

Novus serves customers by establishing memberships with many big companies in the health care sector. The products of partner companies are displayed directly on the online portal of MedPlan where patients can place orders with ease. The available discounts are automatically applied to all products; however, transactions for all medical purchases happen directly between patients and companies. Novus simply provide them complementary services for advertising and marketing to recover the losses after Rx discount. In this way, companies can afford customer purchase discounts with ease while maintaining a great reputation in the market. Note that Novus displays their products on the inventory portal online; patients can place orders directly from this integrated dispensary.

Some of the most popular benefits of Novus MedPlan includes instant web presence over Novus shop online, instant member access to the dispensary, SEO services, and many more. Indeed, this vertically integrated network provides great returns to the cultivators, dispensaries, and the manufacturers as well.

Labrozzi also revealed that Novus follows several methods for advertising members associated with MedPlan network, and the strategies are developed as per state regulations. As per the stats, this company has now reached up to 15000 members count with the marking beating the huge target of 1.3 million. Note that, this company is serving patients in the market since 2015; however, it is still waiting for the legalization of cannabis to help buyers save on CBD. Labrozzi says that as soon as the CBD products are federally approved in the area; they will also provide great co-pays and reimbursements as well.

At present, the full plan of Novus MedPlan network is available with the monthly payment of $24.95 only, and it includes immediate approval for the patients. It means a patient that buys cannabis for almost $150 per month can ensure savings up to $1000 per year. Moreover, the process to apply for these plans is quite simple; patients can simply go to the official website and fill the form online.

Whether you need cannabis for medical needs or recreational purpose, Novus MedPlan allows patients to get products at 30 to 40% lesser price as compared to original rates. There are many valuable THC and CBD plan that users can avail as per their needs to enhance savings on every purchase.